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Meet Laura Williamson
Master Sommelier | Wine Educator

Do You Love Wine?  Would You Like To Love More Wines?

If so, I created My Master Somm for you! And if by chance you are asking why, the reason truly is very simple.  The most frequently asked question I found myself failing to answer time and time again was:  "How can I learn more about wine while keeping it fun and easy?"

I struggled to come up with guidance on how learning about the complex subject of wine could actually be achieved with ease and fun.  This challenge gave way to the creation of My Master Somm as the solution. 

Learning about wine can be easy and fun (and should be), and with my guidance, you will be focused on the most important aspects of this broad subject rather than trying to learn everything there is to know about wine.

So, are you ready to begin the fun today?

My Master Somm is a Wine Membership Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced!

Wine should be FUN, not stressful.  Wine should bring you excitement and joy.  Wine should create memories you can store and stories you can tell.  It should be something you grab when you are ready to relax and read a good book, or something that tantalizes your tastebuds when you are eager to try a new food or recipe. If you'd like to discover different kinds of wine, what to look for when you’re tasting, how to store your wines, how to serve your wines, and how to pick your wines, let me share all of the things you'll find within My Master Somm. 


For Wine Enthusiasts

Laura specializes in creating memorable events. 

Her background with being the Chef Master Sommelier in one of the world's most exclusive Three-Star Michelin Restaurants in the world, guarantees your experience with her will be one only limited by your imagination. 

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For Wine Travelers

Only through visiting a wine’s origin can one grasp the true understanding of  wine... 

If you are ready to discover more, traveling to the source with Laura is one of the most rewarding ways to learn. From Santorini to New Zealand, visiting vineyards and tasting with winemakers directly at their winery is the most fulfilling way to enjoy your favorite wines.  Trips are built to balance both winery visits and exploration of historic landmarks and are limited to intimate groups.

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