Unlock Your Palate:

How to Taste Wine, Impress Your Friends and Become a Wine Pro


A Master Sommelier shares her steps to becoming a wine authority, guiding you to discover timeless, lesser-known wine regions globally and embrace unique, esoteric, indigenous grapes that will impress you and your friends. 

Originally born in a dry county in Arkansas, Laura passed the Master Sommelier exam, "the world's toughest wine exam", as noted by Forbes Magazine, when barely a dozen women in the world had done so previously. She later became beverage director and Chef Sommelier for a Michelin ThreeStar, New York Times Four-Star Restaurant in NYC and remains one of the few women globally to have held a position of this stature within the restaurant industry.

She left her restaurant career to advise, speak, consult and teach wine lovers to expand their joy and become their best personal guide by exploring exotic grapes of remote areas to unlock their palate via the embrace of individual preference.

Laura has shared her esteemed expertise through features on CBS, FOX, NBC, Forbes Magazine and Wine Spectator.