4 Outdated Wine Service Myths Debunked

After countless guest service hours across the most competitively elaborate restaurants in the world, including even the simplest, the wisdom I provide to you while debunking four top wine myths related to service will absolutely cast you as a wine pro.  These helpful tips are guaranteed to change the way you approach your next bottle of wine.

Intrigued?  Read on, as I promise this quick insight from over two decades of learning will undeniably elevate your wine skills while boosting the enjoyment you gain from each bottle of wine in the future.

Now, maybe you are wondering how my two decades of experience justify my opinion on this matter, so I’ll tell you, without my diverse background, for which I am woefully grateful, I wouldn’t possess deeper insight than most regarding this subject.  From my early days of working the floor in casual but refined restaurants of Vail, CO, to owning my restaurant in the heart of the Arizona desert, then jumping into the...

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