If you're enamored with wine like I am, and want to discover new wines beyond the ones you've grown to love, this is for you!


Hi.  My name is Laura Williamson and I’m one of just 35 women Master Sommeliers in the world.  Becoming a Master Sommelier is one of the most grueling, rigorous credentials to achieve. There are over 10,000 different grapes worldwide and with all the learning linked to laws and regions, the subject of wine becomes daunting...

It took me 4 years to achieve the Master Sommelier Diploma and while it’s given me the opportunity to work in some of the most distinguished restaurants, including Michelin 3 Star & NY Times 4 Star venues in New York City, along with hosting wine tastings for many celebrities, I always wanted to share access with everyone. 

The fact that only those with an available budget could explore wines at this level tugged at my heart. ANYONE who loves wine should be able to learn, so it has become my mission to create a unique way to make it accessible for everyone.

Let me ask you ...

Do you normally walk into a store and head straight for the section you know best?

Even as a Master Somm, I am guilty of this too!

Before my wine training, I was too uncomfortable to ask for help finding other wines because I didn’t know how to explain what I loved. Even when I was ready to explore other wines, I had no idea how to put my preference into words. It was also a struggle to remember the wines I loved as well as the ones I didn’t, so I was always worried I would mix up the two and end up taking home a bottle I wouldn’t like, which is so vexing.

If you want to...

  1. Discover new wines that you may have never even heard of
  2. Have wine and dinner parties with friends and family, or even totally alone where you have pairings cultivated exactly for each wine
  3. Understand what you’re smelling and tasting and why you’re getting pear or floral notes from a wine made with grapes
  4. Understand WHY you prefer your favorite wines
  5. Feel comfortable picking wines for entertaining
  6. Impress your friends with wine tips and teach them something interesting too
  7. Have confidence browsing in a wine store
  8. Pair like a pro your favorite wines with cuisines that enhance the wine, not destroy it

If you are ready to stretch yourself beyond your everyday wines and discover new and exciting gems, I've created My Master Somm for you!

Expand Your Wine Knowledge and Discover New Wines with My Master Somm

My Master Somm is a Wine Membership Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced!

Wine should be FUN, not stressful.  Wine should bring you excitement and joy.  Wine should create memories you can store and stories you can tell.  It should be something you grab when you are ready to relax and read a good book, or something that tantalizes your tastebuds when you are eager to try a new food or recipe. If you'd like to discover different kinds of wine, what to look for when you’re tasting, how to store your wines, how to serve your wines, and how to pick your wines, let me share all of the things you'll find within My Master Somm.

Red and White Master Tastings

If you want to know what we look for in wine as Master Sommeliers, I share all of this and more within these Tasting Videos.  We look at the fruits in wine so that you can confidently state the types of fruit you enjoy best. 

Then we go beyond the fruit so you can understand what other flavor profiles excite you, totally separate from the fruit.  I’ll teach you about the climate in zones where your favorite grapes are grown.  I also share wine structure, because the framework of each wine truly explains the styles you gravitate to regularly. This training can be put to use for any Red or White wine.  

Let Me Tell You About My Wine Discovery Kits!

Once you understand what you’re looking for and tasting, you can jump into the Wine Discovery Kits! These kits really answer the questions that many of my clients have… but know that my ultimate goal is to introduce you to wines that you may not have heard of or may have been too uncertain to buy.

This is the gold if you’re wanting to try new wine with confidence!

There’s an entire world of wines outside of the common Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot and each grape has the power to unlock different combinations of tastebud happiness.  

Each of my Discovery Kits are created by the type of grape, and with over 10,000 wine grapes, there are a ton of discoveries I’m sure to help you make!

Each Discovery kit is set up like a private wine tasting with me! Actually, it’s designed so that you can have wine parties and invite your friends over too, if that’s your thing, but if you want to discover alone, my fellow introvert, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

You’ll be blown away with my Wine Discovery Kits. 

They're like wine-tasting parties ready to happen!

History of the Grapes

I'll share the region in which it's grown and something very unique unto itself.  You know you're interested in wine when you want to know about that grape!

Store and Serve

I have so many people ask questions about storing and serving wines, that I make sure to share this, so you can experience it just as it’s meant to be enjoyed.

The Pairings

From simple pairings to complete recipes for an appetizer to an entree that will meld amazingly with the wine, taking the guesswork out.

The Tasting Card

I know each of these wines intimately and have put together a tasting card so you can search for all the nuances with ease.

Your Personal Rating Card

Documenting the vintage and producer and listing what you liked, and what you may not have liked will help me help you discover more wines!

Producer and Vintage Suggestions

I'll share vintages and producers that I particularly enjoy and suggestions of different wines that are similar in style that you're sure to love.

And of course, there's a Wine-Tasting video ready for you to play so I can walk you (and your guests) through the wine-tasting itself!

New Wine Time: Monthly Live Zoom Tastings!

If you REALLY love wine, as I do, then I want to invite you to our monthly New Wine Time Zoom hangout. This is going to be a hoot! Here’s how it works.  

At the beginning of each month, I’ll recommend a specific bottle of wine and provide you with a link to order it. I have some fantastic relationships with businesses that can ship you the bottle of wine, and I'll provide you with direct links. We’ll have an established zoom date for the month with plenty of time to place your order and receive the bottle. Then we’ll all gather together and discover this wine in a live wine tasting! Imagine, the same wine at the exact same time!

Please know, the wine is NOT included in the membership, it is an extra cost. Now you don’t have to participate unless you want to. You can also buy a different producer and vintage, or pull one from your collection if you’ve got that specific grape, even though it may be a slightly different experience. The nuances of the grape should be the same or similar enough across producers to make it easy to follow along.  

During our live wine tasting, I’ll walk you through the flavors in the wine along with everything else we are searching for. We can have an open discussion about the wine that we’re tasting, including any recommendations I can help with. At the end of every New Wine Time call, I’ll open up the floor for any questions you want to ask about wine.

This live Zoom hangout will be recorded and shared within our membership portal, so even if you can’t join us live, you’ll be able to taste with us later.

My Master Somm's Guide to the Best Restaurants Across the World

I’m always updating this list of my favorite restaurants, where you’ll be able to test your palate, test your memory, and test your confidence as you peruse some of the best menus for both wine and food. 

Also, when your server, or restaurant sommelier, compliment your ability to choose the most exquisite wine pairings, please just give me a shout-out by saying that “My Master Somm" sent me here.

 What a giggle.

If you'd like to learn more about the wine you love, discover new wines, engage a group of people with a wine tasting party, know what to pair your wines with, (whether appetizers or entrees), joining My Master Somm will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.  Plus, it's fun.

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